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Welcome to the Tomas Valle Memorial Post in Uvalde Tx. We are men and women of the Armed Services, some retired some who completed service and came home. We are members of The American Legion and we still serve as our oath to protect and defend our nation and our constitution have never ceased to be a part of our lives. All veterans who have served during any of our wars, are welcome to become members of our post. We meet every first Thursday of the month at our Post Home across from the Vasquez Restaurant on Main St. (US 90) in Uvalde TX.

Here are photo's from the 21st District Meeting, we learned quite a lot there and will report on it at our next meeting.

Our meeting in September will be on the third of September at 6:30 PM. Be on time as we will begin promptly at 6:30 and hope to end by 7:30.

Our hubmaster is required to contact the membership when there is news to get out, therefore, if you have email please make sure to get it to John Quigley Chaplain/Hubmaster. If you do not have email, then he will need your mailing address and or phone #. Phone for those things that must be put out right away, mail address otherwise.